About Us

“Always go for more!”


In 2018 we started Diush after many years ofHow would it be like?

Empowered by our dream, Instagram influencers’ feeds and your desire for fair prices,Diush was born.

One year and more than? Diush bags owner from all over the world. This ishow it is like.

We can’t lie ourselves. Social Media and especially Instagram made it possible to expand far beyond our Seattle home and to become global.

By being born in Seattle one of the most important thing is the balance between nature and the city. Thanks to the fact thateach area within Seattle has its own culture and style, it was easy for us to understand every single customer.

Our dream is simple: Diush to be your friend that will always be there to take care of your things and your mood.



As we said before, you can trust Diush to take care of your things. Each bag has its own personality.

  • A shoulder bag is for women who want to have a bag big enough and a shoulder to lean on.
  • Satchels are made for working women. By having a bag like this you don’t have to carry two bags. Why? Satchels are the perfect combination between an everyday handbag and a laptop bag.
  • Sling bag or Cross-body bag- if you are looking for a stylish, comfortable and yet functional bag. More than perfect for traveling and shopping, a Sling bag is about to become your must-have accessory.
  • Quilted bags are considered to be the most iconic bags. All high quality brands will have at least one quilted bag andDiush is one of them. Complete your style with this one and your outfit won’t be ever boring again.
  • A Clutch is one of the most elegant, classy and sophisticated bag. By having this kind of bag you will need to carry no more than the essential. You can consider a Clutch that friend that will open your eyes to see what’s really important and what’s not.
  • Hobo Bag is another shoulder (bag) to lean on. Its design makes this bag casual and yet formal. Bored about the classic shoulder bag? A Hobo might be the one for you.
  • Wristlets or (how we like to call them) - flying wallets. These are wallets that are more comfortable to carry. Be palms free and have a bag big enough for your money, cards and phone.
  • Beach bags are here just because you need a bag for your vacation. Don’t listen to your man or whoever says this bag is not cool enough for you. Go get one. Period.

And more than just taking care of your stuff, aDiush bag will take care of your mood. How? They are stylish enough to make your day better just by wearing one.



By believing that style shouldn’t break the bank, Diush is here to complete your outfit with premium items at fair prices. Done with overpriced bags. We are here. Diush is here.


And if you still ask yourselfWhy Diush?

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Hassle Free Returns
  • Exclusive Products that Won't Break the Bank Direct-to-Consumer
  • Online Store - for a more exciting Setting of the story
  • No Middle Man - It’s just you and Diush

Diush women's shopping experience.

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